Buyer’s Guide: Selecting High-Quality K-12 Professional Development Programs 

A complete guide and checklist to choosing a professional development program for schools and districts. 

What's Inside?

  • How to choose a PD partner
  • A checklist and guide to use when evaluating a professional development platform
  • ESSER eligible professional development solutions 

Who’s it for?

District Administrators

Who are we?

MobileMind offers a cloud-based, asynchronous learning platform designed to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom in order to improve student outcomes.

MobileMind is the only platform that allows districts to consolidate all of their PD initiatives, from new technology to curriculum to compliance. MobileMind delivers anytime, anywhere access to personalized micro-courses, activity-based learning, digital badging, and reporting. We are a team of passionate educators and technology leaders who are dedicated to transforming professional learning for educators.

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Selecting High Quality K-12 Professional Development Programs