Distance Learning Essentials

👉 Distance Learning with Classroom

Google Classroom is an excellent way to run your entire classes virtually.  You can use Classroom to communicate with students, assign and collect learning tasks, provide feedback on assignments and assessments, and even keep parents in the loop!

Check out the following resources to get started with Classroom or level up your current Classroom classes in order to teach from a distance.

New to Classroom or need a refresher? 

Some ideas and tips for distance learning with Classroom: 
  • Use the stream in Classroom to post quick reminders for students.
  • Organize your virtual classroom environment using topics in Google Classroom.
  • Share resources and content with students using the materials feature.
  • For class discussion, use multiple choice and short answer questions in Classroom.  You can take a quick class vote or formative comprehension check - or even encourage students to reply to their peers.
  • Post assignments with as much detail as possible. Consider allowing students to collaborate on some of these assignments from a distance as well!
  • Set up guardian summaries so parents / guardians stay informed about upcoming work, missing work, and class activity.