Distance Learning Essentials: Drive 

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1. Dive into Drive: The Basics
2. Google Drive: Neat Freak (organize!)

*The videos above are only brief sample components of the micro-courses offered to schools and districts enrolled in the MobileMind learning hub. Our full micro-courses consist of hands-on challenges, micro-credentialing, human feedback, and progress reporting for instructional leaders.  Learn more here or schedule a call with us anytime.  

Need more help getting started?

Check out the Teacher Center for First Day of Drive module to get started with Drive in your virtual classroom.

The Google Drive section of the Help Center is also a great place to find answers to specific questions you might have.

More about Using Google Drive for Distance Learning  

What is Google Drive?

  • Whether distance learning is an option or a necessity, Google Drive will serve as a digital storage hub for all of your digital files: presentations, docs, audio, video, and more!  Think of Drive as a digital filing cabinet from which you can share individual files or even entire folders to which you can continue to add, providing easy access to content for anyone with the folder link.
  • You can upload files and folders from your computer or external drive to Google Drive so that you can always access them, wherever you are.  This might include PPTs, PDFs, images, videos, spreadsheets, and documents.  Anything in your Google Drive can be shared with others via email or a link, if you choose (see next section.)
  • You can create new Google files from drive, such as Google Slides (presentations), Google Docs (documents), Google Sheets (spreadsheets), Google Forms (for quizzes / surveys/ info gathering), Google Drawings, and even Google Sites (websites)! 
  • Whether you create Google files directly from Google Drive or directly from the app itself, any Google file you create will be  stored in the Google Drive linked to the account with which you are signed into Google.

Sharing within Google Drive...

  • Learning the share settings in Drive is paramount if you are to use Google tools with others effectively.
  • If you are not using Classroom with students  yet, you may choose to share an entire Drive folder with teachers, students, or parents.  If you do so, anything you create from or add to that folder will be shared with those who have access.
  • When you create something in Google Drive, it is completely private until you opt to share a file with others.  (Excception:  if you create something within - or add something to - a folder to which people already have access because  you shared it previously.)

Google Drive in Distance Learning

  • Attach a Forms quiz to an assignment in Google Classroom to assess student learning - maybe even during or after a Meet session.
  • It should be noted that, when you are using Google Classroom for assignments, all student submissions  of Docs, Slides, etc... will be baked up in your Google Drive within a Google Drive folder that has automatically been created for that class.  You never need to go into that folder in order to retrieve student work, but do know that it is there as a backup.
  • Anytime you make a copy of a file, it will be created and stored in your Google Drive.   

Preparing your students for remote learning

Meeting the needs of all learners

Overcoming lack of Internet access

  • Reaching students without internet is vital in order for all students to have equal access to learning.
  • With the ability to record Meet sessions sessions, you can pre-record sessions or share recorded sessions in Classroom so students are able to watch at a later time.  Any recorded Meet sessions will be automatically stored as videos in your Drive.
  • If possible, make sure students have enabled offline mode while on wifi if possible so they can access at least Docs, Sheets, and Slides without internet.

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