Distance Learning Essentials: Forms

New to Google Forms? Start here!

1. How to create a basic form
2. How to share & collect responses
3. How to create a Forms quiz
4. Forms quiz results / grades

*The videos above are only brief sample components of the micro-courses offered to schools and districts enrolled in the MobileMind learning hub. Our full micro-courses consist of hands-on challenges, micro-credentialing, human feedback, and progress reporting for instructional leaders.  Learn more here or schedule a call with us anytime.

Need more help getting started?

Check out the Teacher Center for First Day of Forms module to get started with Forms in your virtual classroom.

The Google Forms section of the Help Center is also a great place to find answers to specific questions you might have.

More about Using Google Forms for Distance Learning  

Assessing your students remotely with Forms quizzes

  • Attach a Forms quiz to an assignment in Google Classroom to assess student learning - maybe even during or after a Meet session.
  • Create a Forms quiz as a midweek check-in.  
  • Note: You can import Forms Quiz grades right into Classroom, but we recommend reading up on this first.  You can visit this page to learn more about this, as well as other tips for using Forms in Classroom.

More ways to use Forms

  • Create a warm-up or pre-unit survey / assessment, and allow it to drive your instruction for the unit.
  • Check out the many different features in Google Forms to increase the number of ways you can use them with your students.  You can learn more about Breakout EDU, for example, to see how you can create digital escape rooms to increase student engagement from home.
  • Use Forms to survey students / parents about digital learning and see if students have any input on how to make it more valuable or how they can be supported.

Try your hand at creating a basic form (Don't worry! We'll walk you through it!)

  • Click here to make a copy of our Basic Forms Challenge - a Form that will take you through creating your own form step by step!
  • Please note that when you make a copy, you are creating your own version, and the form will be created and stored in  your Google Drive.   We will not have access to your form at all.

Preparing your students for remote learning

Meeting the needs of all learners

Overcoming lack of Internet access

  • Reaching students without internet is vital in order for all students to have equal access to learning.    
  • With the ability to record Meet sessions sessions, you can pre-record sessions or share recorded sessions in Classroom so students are able to watch at a later time.  
  • If possible, make sure students have enabled offline mode while on wifi if possible so they can access at least Docs, Sheets, and Slides without internet.

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