Distance Learning Essentials: Google Docs

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free web-based service which allows schools to collaborate with their students from a remote location - in real time! This versatile document authoring tool can be located within your Google Drive, simply by clicking create and choose Docs. It also brings the processed file to life with inventive tools to edit and style the assignments, tasks, and activities you create for your distance learning class. How? Choose from a variety of different fonts, insert images, drawings, add tables, and add links as well.

Google Docs is a paper-free formatting tool included in the G Suite for Education, enabling school work to be completed from home.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Multiple users can edit a document at the same time and view changes instantly
  • Teachers can create text documents and share with their peers or teachers
  • Access to view, edit, or comment on documents can be given to selected students, fellow teachers, or department heads to maintain secure sharing
  • Different access modes make it easy for teachers to grade work, provide feedback, or check progress and avoid any unauthorized changes
  • Schools can share documents with up to 200 people and collaborate with up to 50users in real-time - ideal to host virtual classes or participate in online staff meetings
  • If you need to share with more than 200 people, consider embedding it in a website or make the file public.
  • You can send shareable links for assignments, documents, and learning resources created in Google Docs instead of emailing them as an attachment
  • Documents can also be shared with contacts who don’t have a Google account, which is useful when communicating with parents or guardians regarding progress reports
  • Google Docs regularly auto-saves (everytime a change is made to the document) to prevent any loss of work
  • Teachers can install a variety of Add-ons, like highlighter tools, plagiarism search apps, word cloud generators and more
  • Schools can upload their own documents to Google Docs, directly from their desktop and convert them to the Google editing format if needed

Google Docs for Distance Learning

Preparing lessons and creating assignments with Google Docs helps teachers to save time with a stress-free platform that is easily adaptable for distance learning purposes. This can be done by creating new documents (with clear directions and instructions for students to follow) or uploading existing files you have on your computer. In addition to the bank of Add-ons you can install, there are templates for reports, agendas, meeting minutes and other types of documents you can choose from - to shake up the formatting styles without it getting too demanding and complicated. 

To make tasks even more engaging for a learn-from-home environment, teachers can turn their docs into ‘hyperdocs’, with links to Google Forms and videos, as well as insert tables or charts to organize the information and tasks more easily. Rest assured, everything can be shared via Google Classroom and Drive - or via email, school website and/or your LMS.

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At MobileMind, we’re committed to supporting schools for short and long-term distance learning. We understand it’s a difficult adjustment period, which is why we’re here to help. Take a look at our tips and advice on how practical and easy-to-use online applications, like Google Docs, will benefit your school.

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