Distance Learning Essentials: Meet

New to Google Meet? Start here!

1. How to create a session
2. How to join a session
3. How to facilitate a session

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Need more help getting started?

Check out the Teacher Center for Google's First Day of Google Meet module or view our Slides presentation on setting up Google Meet for your students.

More Ideas for Using Google Meet for Distance Learning  

Setting up a class Hangout on Google Meet

Facilitating instruction virtually

Engaging your students in the lesson

  • Use the chat feature in Meet and allow students to contribute verbally during the session.  
  • Consider using the Slides Q & A feature or share a link to interactive Docs, Slides, or websites to facilitate hands-on activities during the session. 
  • Promote student partner / group collaboration by teaching students how to create a Meet session work with each other virtually, if appropriate.

Classroom management

Meeting the needs of all learners

  • Record your Meet session for students who are unable to attend - or who may benefit from rewatching the session for review.
  • Your recording will be saved in your Google Drive account, and you can share the link to your recording via Classroom, email, or class website.

Preparing your students for remote learning

Overcoming lack of Internet access

  • Reaching students without internet is vital in order for all students to have equal access to learning.  
  • With the ability to record Meet sessions sessions, you can pre-record sessions or share recorded sessions after the video call so students are able to watch at a later time. 
  • If possible, make sure students have enabled offline mode before they leave school with the device so they can access Docs, Sheets, and Slides without internet.

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