Distance Learning with Google Tools

Click on the Google tool icon in order to learn more about using it for distance learning with your students!

Google Classroom is a key distance learning tool that will allow teachers to connect with students seamlessly.  For instance, a teacher can share content, collect assignments, and consistently communicate with students and guardians, regardless of location.

Whether distance learning is an option or a necessity, Google Drive will serve as a digital storage hub for all of your digital files: presentations, docs, audio, video, and more! Think of Drive as a digital filing cabinet from which you can share individual files or even entire folders to which you can continue to add, providing easy access to content for anyone with the folder link.

From data collection and assessments to breakouts and differentiation,  Google Forms is a multifaceted distance learning tool.  Any information you collect will automatically be presented visually for easy analysis and can be sent to a spreadsheet with the click of a button. Forms can even grade assessments for you!

Google Docs can be used to share information as a simple digital document -- or an interactive and collaborative tool in a distance learning setting. The ability to insert images, tables, links, and beyond make Docs a powerful distance learning tool.

Although Google Slides can be used to create and share presentations, they can also be used to create digital books, interactive journals, learning portfolios, and more to support a distance learning environment.  The collaboration and sharing capabilities, along with the commenting feature, allow teachers to offer continued guidance and feedback, even as students are working.

Google Hangouts Meet is a tool that will keep you in touch with your students through extended distance learning days by creating sessions to meet with your entire class, small groups, or individuals throughout the time you are having to incorporate distance learning.

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