Distance Learning Essentials

Google Docs

Google Docs can be used to share information as a simple digital document -- or an interactive and collaborative tool in a distance learning setting. The ability to insert images, tables, links, and beyond make Docs a powerful distance learning tool.

Basic Docs for Newbies...

  • Not using Classroom? You can share docs from your Drive in your LMS or on a class website with a link (or by email.)
  • Create a Google doc to share with students to ask questions in order to review for a quiz or clarify about assignments.
  • Use the comments feature in Docs to have an ongoing discussion with your students on an assignment or research topic.
  • ChallengeTry some of these Docs challenges! (Note: Link will prompt you to make a copy of our doc.  When you do so, you will be the 'owner' of the copy you make;  the the copy will be stored in your Google Drive and we will not be able to see it.)