REPORT: Google Workspace for Education and Professional Development Trends

What schools need to know about teaching with Google Workspace for Education and related PD!

What's Inside?

  • The biggest Professional Development trends currently in schools
  • How Professional Development has changed teacher effectiveness in schools
  • How Google PD can directly impact the way teachers use Google in the classroom

Who’s it for?

School teachers

District administrators

Anyone who is looking to challenge traditional professional development.

Who are we?

MobileMind has designed the most innovative personalized Google professional learning solution for schools. We are a team of passionate educators and technology leaders who are dedicated to transforming professional learning for educators.

With distance and hybrid learning modalities quickly becoming the norm, it has become increasingly important that teachers are equipped to conduct effective instruction remotely. Due to the widespread impact of COVID-19, educators say they need additional support.

As a certified Google for Education Professional Development Partner, MobileMind understands the importance of getting the most out of your education technology investments. That’s why we provide personalized learning opportunities that empower educators to transform learning with technology.

To support districts in enabling their distance learning plans, we surveyed teachers and analyzed data from our new Distance Learning Pathways – Distance Learning Essentials and Distance Learning Expert. We’ve distilled the information into the key trends and takeaways found in this report.

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Google Workspace for Education and Professional Development Trends

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