Henry County Schools + MobileMind

Write-Up Sent to Google for the Google EDU Newsletter

Approved by MobileMind and Henry County Technology Leaders

Rockstar educators in Henry County, Georgia are lighting the way for increased G Suite adoption in their district along with a massive Chromebook rollout. Google for Education, along with Professional Development partner MobileMind, has partnered with technology leadership in Henry County Schools (HCS) to provide differentiated professional learning for HCS principals, assistant principals, district leaders, media specialists, and a select cohort of teacher leaders called Innovation Champions.

Since the inception of the PD project in May 2017, these Innovation Champions have been immersed in face-to-face Google workshops and ongoing personalized virtual learning with MobileMind.  They are engaged and passionate about meaningful technology integration and incredibly motivated to soak up all things Google.  These technology enthusiasts are not only passionate about redefining learning for their own students; they are also empowering other educators to leverage Google tools by offering professional learning opportunities in their buildings. 

MobileMind and HCS plan to build off the success of this project in the coming school year, expanding the reach of both face-to-face learning opportunities and G Suite Cloud PD to eventually reach all HCS educators. MobileMind and HCS continue to collaborate on this exciting initiative and are grateful for the incredible support of the Google EDU team throughout the duration of the project.

A Few Words from Innovation Champions…

“These Mobile Mind courses are awesome!!! I am learning so much!!! This is a great resource!! Thanks for setting this up for us!!”

- Rachel Embrey, Ed.S, Instructional Lead Teacher @ Hickory Flat Charter Elementary

“I am loving these courses...I already have 7 badges!!! I am about halfway done with my Google Certification but this is so much better than the Google site…”

- Innovation Champion, Beginning of the 2017 Cohort

“MobileMind was a huge motivating factor in pushing me forward as an educational technology leader in my building. The resources you guys provided made me believe in myself and my potential as a building leader. I am eternally grateful for my county's partnership with Amy and MobileMind!”

- Jessica Mercado, 3rd Grade TAG, Unity Grove Elementary

Key Numbers


number of enthusiastic Henry County educators who are participating in the inaugural HCS Innovation Champions cohort


average number of Google micro-courses that HCS innovation champions have completed as of December 1, 2017


percent of innovation champions who have already made progress in MobileMind’s virtual Google micro-courses


percent of innovation champions who rated MobileMind’s face-to-face sessions as beneficial/ very beneficial to their learning about Google tools


number of innovation champions who earned GaETC conference registration from HCS by reaching a MobileMind virtual course achievement milestone


total virtual Google achievements earned by HCS innovation champions in the MobileMind platform so far during fall semester 2017

Innovation Champions Making Great Virtual Progress…
Many have finished early!

Sampling of Virtual Courses Completed as of 12/1/2017  (out of 20)

Samples of Mobilemind Face-to-Face Training Feedback from Innovation Champions

  • LOVED today's meeting/training overall….
  • Great information. I learned a lot and feel more equipped to go further with personalized learning.
  • I appreciated the differentiated instruction via choices that were leveled.
  • It is an honor to be chosen for the inaugural Innovation Champions group and I enjoyed today immensely. Thank you all for the work that you do to provide us with the information we need!
  • Presenters were very excited and very knowledgeable about content.
  • This training was amazing and I look forward to learning more about Google.
  • I enjoyed today's session. I really appreciate the extra help Megan gave me and I look forward to working with her again!
  • Amy is very knowledgeable! I love a presenter who knows her stuff 🙂
  • You guys were awesome!!!
  • It was really fun!! Terrific presenters!!
  • Thank you so much. This is an awesome opportunity to enhance instruction.
  • I look forward to trying these apps and bringing any questions that I may have to our next session.
  • Everything was great. Thank you so much for putting this together.
  • Please continue to allow us to have hands on activities and play with the stuff we are learning.
  • Can't wait to learn more. I have been practicing.
  • Excited to learn more and become more proficient.

Innovation Champions Getting Social at GaETC

(all images in above section retrieved from Twitter, November 2017)

Individualized Virtual Support for Innovation Champions (Sample Interactions)

Message Exchange b/t MobileMind + Innovation Champions 

To MobileMind:

Hi Amy! 

What would you suggest...I've been telling [teachers] to use August to set up their Google Classroom and get kids signed in.  Then when we get our devices in September they will be ready to hit the ground running. Can you think of anything else that would be productive for them to do in August in preparation for their new tech?

 Thanks in advance for your help.

To Innovation Champion:

I love your idea about setting up the Classrooms and getting all of the students enrolled! I think this is a super way to be prepared when devices arrive.

If teachers have some devices and students are bringing their own as well, perhaps it is possible to use Forms to collect student info, or parent/student info if you guys have an open house coming up. Teachers could even generate a QR code so that students/parents can scan it and be taken to the form.

I think collaborative group work in Docs/Forms/Slides is also possible. I never had devices for all of my students, but I often paired them up or grouped them in threes to collaborate using the devices that we did have. Collaborative projects, story-writing, presentations, data collection/labs, etc... are great ways to get students used to operating with the Google tools and supporting one another while they begin doing so. Teachers can also start sharing Slides presentations/Docs/Sheets with student groups in a digital format when students are sharing devices -- just to get in the digital habit. You can encourage them to go "paper free" for things like group instructions...

Another thought would be to create challenges for the month of August so teachers can engage in more PD in bite-sized chunks... Feel free to use this chart or make a copy and edit to best meet the needs of your teachers.

Another August task could be to begin converting Word docs and PPT slides to Google formats so they can be modified and edited.

For those looking for a challenge, creating a Hyperdoc for students in Docs or Slides might be another idea for August. They can create a choose-your-own-adventure type of activity to engage students and differentiate once the students each have their own devices. They could also create some quizzes in Google Forms to get ahead for when the devices come.

I hope something there was helpful!! Feel free to call me if you need to chat or want some more ideas! 770-xxx-xxxx

Best of luck to you as you begin the new year!!! 🙂

To MobileMind:

Hi Amy!

My teachers are so excited for the roll-out next Wednesday! I put myself out there to help and teachers that I thought wouldn't be interested were the first to come by. I do have one question...

I have created a google form that I want my students to use every week. I'd like to have their responses for each week on a different sheet within the same spreadsheet. I'm linking the form and response sheet below. Can you help me figure out how to do this? 

To Innovation Champion:

Hi!!  I THINK this may work...Let me know if you need help testing it.

This will make your new responses go to a different tab within the same sheet. 

When you are ready for a new weekly assessment...

  • Go to responses on the form (not the sheet) and delete all of the responses from the form only. They will clear out of the form, but they will still be on the spreadsheet.
  • Click the three dots on the right
  • Choose Unlink form
  • Click three dots again
  • Choose select destination.
  • Choose the same spreadsheet that was used before
  • It will create a new tab in the same spreadsheet, where the new answers will populate
  • Go into the spreadsheet and rename the tab to the week you are on

To MobileMind:

OMG! It worked!!  So I just go through the same steps each week and the data will populate into that new tab! This has been frustrating me for 3 weeks! You just made my day! Thank you so much!

To MobileMind:

Hi, Amy,

I’m a Henry County educator and member of the Innovative Champions group. I’m interested in learning more about becoming a Google Trainer. Any information or direction you can provide me would be much appreciated; thank you!!

To Innovation Champion:

I think this might be the best place for you to start.  I have some other things I can share, but I don't want to overwhelm you just yet.  Haha.  This doc will prompt you to make your own copy so that you can type right in the doc if you want.  After you review it, please let me know if you need anything. 

 Let me know if you have any questions at all!

To Innovation Champion:

Yes, this is a great starting point. Thanks so much for the information. I will carefully look over it after taking the Level 2 test next week.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving week!