The Importance of a Successful Introduction of GSuite across your School District

Successfully introducing G Suite for Education is one of the most progressive measures you can undertake, if it goes right. If not, you could be the educational pariah of your district.

Often districts and schools will buy into Google implementation because they know and believe in the impact G Suite can have across teaching and learning, as well as productivity. However, without proper implementation, how do you know schools are using it properly, if at all?

We get it; it’s a struggle to keep tabs without feeling like you’re policing the schools you oversee. We hear from districts all the time who are looking for a simple solution to monitor the progress of technology initiatives.

Top 3 tips on successful implementation of GSuite in your school district

Look no further. Understanding the adoption of G Suite across your entire district is much simpler than you think - and you can start right away!  We’ve collected some of the best tips to guide you in successfully introducing G Suite in your district successfully.

  1. Create a professional development plan that helps ensure that your teachers are using G Suite to the best of their ability. (Cheat sheet - download our Professional Planner here)

  2. Get teachers involved in the purchasing decisions in order to ensure you understand what they are looking for from a pedagogical point of view. This also enables you at a district level to teach educators about purchasing decisions.

  3. Educate teachers on why they should use Chromebooks and/or G Suite, rather than how to use the product.

Why not get a head start and download MobileMind’s free Professional Development planner? Click here and you can get ahead of your neighbouring districts.