Distance Learning Essentials: Meet

👉Distance Learning with Meet

New to Google Meet?  

Ideas for Using Google Meet for Distance Learning  
Setting up a class Hangout on Google Meet

You may choose to start a video meeting in a variety of ways, such as straight from Meet or from a Calendar event.  Decide how you want to add participants to the call.  Consider posting a link to upcoming Meet sessions in an announcement in Google Classroom for students.

Facilitating instruction virtually

Share your screen to present Slides or display other resources you wish to share.  Chunk your material and pause regularly to check in with participants during the session.  Encourage participants to use the chat feature or turn on their microphones in order to actively participate.

Assessing your students remotely

Use the Ask a Question feature in Classroom to capture a snapshot of student knowledge before (or after) a Meet session.  Check for comprehension during a Meet session by utilizing the chat feature or integrating a Slides Q & A.  Share a link to a Google Form in the chat box or attach a Forms quiz to an assignment in Google Classroom to assess student learning during or after a Meet session.  

Engaging your students in the lesson

Use the chat feature in Meet and allow students to contribute verbally during the session.   Consider using the Slides Q & A feature or share a link to interactive Docs, Slides, or websites to facilitate hands-on activities during the session.  Promote student partner / group collaboration by teaching students how to create a Meet session work with each other virtually, if appropriate.

Classroom management

Create appointment slots in Google Calendar for students to sign up video calls with you.  Create calendar events and include Meet sessions to invite students (or parents) to call.  Use email summaries in Google Classroom to involve guardians in the remote learning experience.

Meeting the needs of all learners

Have students enable live captions during a video meeting to display the text of the conversation and use the chat feature in Meet to give students the opportunity to ask questions.  Check out Google’s Accessibility page, this Accessibility guide, and this awesome diversity module to ensure you are meeting the needs of all students.

How to record a Hangouts Meet

Record your Meet session for students who are unable to attend - or who may benefit from rewatching the session for review. Your recording will be saved in your Google Drive account, and you can share the link to your recording via Classroom, email, or class website.

Preparing your students for remote learning

Prepare students to use Hangouts Meet by checking the hardware/software on devices.  Model how to join a session, and share Hangouts Meet resources with students.   Determine and share how you will communicate with students and parents remotely so you can share this information as soon as possible.  Consider incorporating Google’s digital citizenship and  digital skills resources into your remote instruction to ensure students are prepared for digital learning.

Overcoming lack of Internet access

Reaching students without internet is vital in order for all students to have equal access to learning.  With the ability to record Meet sessions sessions, you can pre-record sessions or share recorded sessions after the video call so students are able to watch at a later time.  If possible, make sure students have enabled offline mode before they leave school with the device so they can access Docs, Sheets, and Slides without internet.