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As a Google certified Professional Development partner, all your Google PD is in one place. Whether it’s Docs, Sheets, Meet, Classroom, or any other G Suite app we have you covered.

MobileMind’s personalized modern professional learning hub engages educators in efficient and differentiated micro-courses, celebrating learning and achievements along the way. We deliver guided, in-app learning that meets the unique needs of each educator. Our certified educators provide coaching and support as educators progress through micro-courses. Finally, district and school leaders appreciate at-a-glance reporting for visibility into learner progress along the way.

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What is MobileMind for                  

Personalized Learning

MobileMind focuses on differentiating learning experiences by various roles and skill levels, allowing teachers to personalize their Google learning.

Efficient Micro-Courses

MobileMind provides ready-to-go, efficient Google micro-courses and learning paths for teachers, leaders, and staff.

Hands-on Challenges

Learners engage in relevant, hands-on challenges to demonstrate competency of Google skills.

Human Feedback

We provide strategic automated and human feedback on learner submissions as they progress through their Google micro-courses.

Badging & Gamification

Learners can earn badges along the way to demonstrate competency of a Google skill or set of skills, from beginner level to advanced. You will also be able to view leaderboards as teachers and staff progress!

Progress Reporting

Leaders can view learners’ progress on Google courses, badges, and learning paths, as well as compliance reports and access reports for enhanced accountability.

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