MobileMind: The Learning Loss Remediation and Professional Learning Hub

Combat learning loss, provide COVID compliance training, and offer agile professional development while leveraging ESSER funds.

MobileMind HQ is the learning loss remediation and professional learning hub for schools. Create, facilitate, manage, and track all of your district's PD activities related to addressing the impact of COVID-19 and the abrupt shift to distance learning. Provide teachers and staff with activity-based, district-specific PD with streamlined tracking and reporting, and do it all while leveraging Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER). 

Learning Loss

It's no secret that COVID-19 and the abrupt shift to virtual learning left students behind academically. Use MobileMind HQ to train teachers on grade-level remediation strategies to address learning loss in your district.  

Teacher Skill Regression

Ensure your teachers don’t lose the instructional technology skills they gained throughout distance learning with activity-based, asynchronous professional learning.

Sustainable, Relevant PD

New state mandated training could be required as a result of the pandemic. MobileMind HQ provides a place to create, manage, track, and report all COVID-related training. Be agile with your district’s PD and create learning paths when they are needed. Respond to these needs and offer relevant, agile training in a single hub that teachers and staff can access anytime, anywhere.

Agile PD

If COVID-19 and distance learning has taught us anything, it's how vital it is for districts to have the ability to pivot without negatively impacting student achievement. Provide an agile PD solution to your district employees as mandates and training needs evolve post-COVID.

COVID Compliance Training

Deliver, track, and report on all compliance training, including in-person school safety training.


Utilize Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER) to deliver your exclusive professional learning hub district wide for all educators and staff members.

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