Part 1: Buy-in from educators

In our 6 part blog series we look at the biggest challenges of Traditional Professional Development in schools. In part 1 we look at the buy-in from educators. How do you get your teachers included in the buying process and buying into any EdTech product?

In the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation study Teachers Know Best, teachers report wanting professional development that is relevant, sustained, interactive, and teacher-driven.  They want to be respected as professionals. Understandably, teachers wish for their knowledge and experience to be valued, as well as considered during the PD design process.  

When teachers are required to sit through one-size-fits-all professional development, it is easy for them to become frustrated or even resentful. Unintentional PD design undoubtedly contributes to educators’ dissatisfaction with mandated teacher training, repeatedly leaving teachers with a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to any type of continued learning.  

Adult learning theories such as Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy proposed concepts that most certainly initiated a revolution in the world of adult education.   We know that educators (and all adults, for that matter) prefer professional development that is relevant to their needs and has practical use. Abundant research on adult learning has revealed the importance of offering learning opportunities that are problem-centered, self-directed, and lead to immediate utility of newly acquired skills.  

At MobileMind, we wholeheartedly believe that educators deserve high quality, meaningful professional development that is grounded in such research.  Providing PD grounded in said research is absolutely essential if any professional development initiative is to succeed. Our self-directed, personalized micro-courses allow teachers to guide their own learning.  

Each teacher is able to engage in training  that is relevant to his or her unique challenges, needs, and goals.  We want teachers to know that their time is valued and for everyone to find success, whether they are seeking Google certifications or a brand new Google users wanting to build foundational skills. We ensure they do by offering micro-courses that are geared towards learners at any level. Finally, our hands-on challenges not only model practicality of skills acquired, but also allow educators to begin creating materials they can use immediately in their classrooms and schools. 

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