Distance Learning Essentials

Note: This page is under construction and will be enhanced over the next week.

👉 Distance Learning with Slides

Although Google Slides can be used to create and share presentations, they can also be used to create digital books, interactive journals, learning portfolios, and more to support a distance learning environment.  The collaboration and sharing capabilities, along with the commenting feature, allow teachers to offer continued guidance and feedback, even as students are working.

  • Think beyond Slides: Create a digital learning journal/portfolio/textbook/interactive notebook.
  • Share with students in a Google Classroom assignment by attaching the Slides and then selecting "Make a Copy for Each Student"
  • If you don't use Classroom and would simply like to share Slides with students or parents, you can always do so via a link or via email. 
  • Have items for your students to respond to directly on their slide deck
  • Insert images and videos right within slides, making it an engaging and meaningful digital resource
  • Add links to websites or other Google tools (like a Form for a quick quiz after a video)
  • Be specific on each slide if there is something they will need to turn in through Google Classroom
  • Include screen recording videos of you going over any necessary information.  You can use tools like Screencastify to insert into Slides or create screen recordings of your Slides 
  • Use the insert audio feature to include audio notes of what students need to know or do for an assignment.
  • Challenge: Coming soon!