About MobileMind

We are a team of passionate educators and technology leaders who are dedicated to transforming professional learning for educators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalized learning opportunities that empower educators to transform learning with technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all educators to effectively leverage technology into their instruction to achieve positive student outcomes.

Why MobileMind?

Today’s learning environment is vastly different than twenty years ago. The pace and complexity of mobile and cloud technology require modern learning methods for educators to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms.

The technology adoption challenge is evident in our K-12 classrooms, often resulting from a lack of effective professional development (PD). Even if PD is offered to educators, it may, unfortunately, consist of “sit and get”, one-size-fits-all training that fails to address the unique needs of our adult learners. This hinders teachers’ ability and motivation to appropriately infuse technology into their practice.

MobileMind’s personalized modern professional learning hub engages educators in efficient and differentiated micro-courses, celebrating learning and achievements along the way. Not only do we offer personalized, in-app learning that meets the unique needs of each educator, but we also provide district and school leaders at-a-glance reporting for visibility into learner progress along the way.

Our Team

Tyce Miller

Founder & CEO

Dr. Amy Vitala

Chief Learning Officer

Jon Williamson

Director of Sales

Kathy Miller

Director of Customer Success

Megan Huss

Director of Learning & Support

Kyle Williams

Product Manager

Laura Smith Price

Customer Success Manager

Emily Pratt

Director of Marketing

Lyndsey Cross


Catherine Broom


Slade Lisenby


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