About Us

MobileMind has designed the most innovative personalized Google professional learning solution for schools.  We are a team of passionate educators and technology leaders who are dedicated to transforming professional learning for educators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalized learning opportunities that empower educators to transform learning with technology.

By 2023, we will:

  • build capacity in 2,250 School Districts
  • empowering 800,000 Educators
  • to impact 15 Million Students

Why MobileMind?

Today’s learning environment is vastly different than twenty years ago.  The pace and complexity of mobile and cloud technology require modern learning methods for educators to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. 

The technology adoption challenge is evident in our K-12 classrooms, often resulting from a lack of effective professional development (PD).  Even if PD is offered to educators, it may, unfortunately, consist of “sit and get”, one-size-fits-all training that fails to address the unique needs of our adult learners.  This hinders teachers’ ability and motivation to appropriately infuse technology into their practice. We often talk about personalizing learning for our students, and we believe this begins with personalizing professional learning for our teachers and leaders.

MobileMind’s personalized modern professional learning hub engages educators in efficient and differentiated micro-courses, celebrating learning and achievements along the way.  Not only do we offer personalized, in-app learning that meets the unique needs of each educator, but we also have a team of experienced, certified educators on our end who provide coaching and support as educators work through our micro-courses.  In addition, district and school leaders appreciate at-a-glance reporting for visibility into learner progress along the way.

Meet the team

Tyce Miller

Founder and CEO

With over twenty years of experience in the software industry, Tyce's career spans sales and sales leadership roles with companies such as SAS, and AirWatch(VMware).  While at AirWatch, he led the Education Division, where he discovered traditional professional development for teachers was falling short with the pace of change and complexity of new mobile and cloud technologies.  This led to the creation of MobileMind and the mission to modernize professional learning in schools.

When not hanging out with his wife and two kids, Tyce will likely be found at one of his kids’ soccer games or on a tennis court.  Tyce is an avid fan of the University of Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta United FC. He is also a former US Marine and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek who mandates that Star Wars movie release days are company holidays.

Andy Williams


As Chief Technology Officer, Andy leads all software development efforts and has more than 30 years experience with startups, mid-size and Fortune 50 companies.  His leadership roles at Apple, American Express and several startups have established domain expertise in the education and hi-tech industries.

An avid hiker and golfer, sometimes baseball coach, and daily dog walker, Andy loves moving through the non-virtual world, a passion that has informed his role in developing several sports and fitness products.

Dr. Amy Vitala

Chief Learning Officer

Amy brings 15 years of experience in education to MobileMind. She has worked in K-12 and higher education settings, traditional and virtual learning environments, and has spent the past several years immersed in the world of instructional technology and professional learning. 

In her free time, Amy can typically be found traveling, hiking, and camping.  She also loves discovering new favorite restaurants and enjoying live music whenever she gets the chance.  

Megan Huss

Director of Professional Development

Megan brings 20 years educational experience to MobileMind, spanning from Kindergarten to High School and had the first 1:1 classroom in a large metro Atlanta school district.  She also served as a Technology Integration Specialist and professional development facilitator at a high school.

From playing fantasy football to supporting her son’s lacrosse career to competing in CrossFit events, Megan loves spending her spare time around sports and competition. She enjoys visiting new places and is currently working to check items off of her epic 2019 bucket list.

Kathy Miller

Director of Customer Success

With a Masters in Accounting and over twenty years working with enterprise software systems like SAP, Kathy brings a unique blend of technology understanding and financial knowledge.  She has in-depth experience in large-scale project management focused on user adoption of software, change management, and customer success.

When not spending time at home with her family (husband, two kids, two dogs, and two cats), she may be found practicing yoga or attending one of her children’s many extracurricular activities.  She loves to read crime novels and has a penchant for solving murder mysteries when watching the Investigation Discovery Channel.

Kyle Williams

Product Manager

Kyle brings 6 years of Product and Project Management experience in the software industry. He sets the direction for all development efforts of MobileMind while incorporating feedback from customers to build the best possible product for our teachers and leaders.

​A runner and a functional movement athlete, Kyle loves exploring Atlanta on foot via the Atlanta BeltLine, often wandering off along the way for a friendly competition in a park, a bite to eat in a market, or an evening at a trailside bar with his friends. 

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