How is this different from what google offers for exam prep?

We offer targeted, concise micro-courses that include a hands-on challenge, and then our graders review your submission and provide *human* feedback.  You even can earn badges along the way!

Do you offer badging/micro-credentialing?

We do!  You earn credit for each micro-course you complete, but many of them also include a badge that demonstrates competency in that area.

How quickly will we receive feedback after we submit a challenge?

Our certified educators ensure feedback within 48 hours. However, our typical response time is in half that time.

How do we access the platform once we subscribe?

You will install the MobileMind Chrome extension and then login with your district google credentials.

How long does it take to prepare for level 1 certification? Level 2?

Preparing for the Level 1 exam can vary greatly depending on your level of familiarity with G Suite tools.  It might take one educator just a couple of hours to review and ensure that he/she is ready to approach level 1 or 2.  On the other hand, if you have a great deal to learn and practice in order to prepare, it might take you several weeks to engage in preparation.

How long does it take to become a google certified trainer?

We are releasing a new track soon called “Trainer in 20”.  While this is designed to take you through the application creation in 20 days, it might take you more or less time depending on your own pacing and experience.  You could complete this as quickly as a few days or less if you really tackled it, but it may take you a little longer depending on how much training you have done at your school and   how much time you have to dedicate to the process.  You can do it!

Once you submit an application to become a Google Certified Trainer, you will hear back from Google in 4-6 weeks.  

Do you offer vouchers for google exams (level 1,2, trainer)?

  • Yes, we do!  Click here to request your voucher. 
  • Note: We require that you only request a voucher when you plan to register within the next three days.
  • Please also note that Google only allows one week to take the exam once the voucher has been used to register for the exam.
  • How long are the videos in each course?

    • All videos are less than five minutes since we have broken up each application into convenient pieces so you can easily personalize your learning. 
    • Note: The challenges will vary in the time it takes to complete them.

    Where should i start if i am a beginner?

    • We recommend that newbies or those needing a refresher begin with our “G Suite Basics” certification goal.
    • If you aren’t exactly sure where to begin from there, our course “Docs: Sharing is Caring” is a great place to start since this is where we see the most errors with teacher submissions.  
    • After that, we suggest that you filter the micro-courses based on your interest or any school/district initiatives that might be in place (ex: Google Classroom requirement for all teachers)

    How do i select educators to participate?

    We recommend that you do a short survey to your teachers to gauge interest.  You may also want to consider choosing those that could redeliver some short trainings to your other teachers.  We have a survey available for you if you’d like to use it to identify strong candidates!

    If i am a school or district admin, can i change who has access to the platform myself?

    Because our platform allows teachers to keep track of what courses they have completed, we do not allow licenses to be transferred to another teacher.  If you have an extenuating circumstance or a teacher who has never taken a course and you’d like to transfer the license, please submit a support ticket.

    How many courses one hour of continuing ed/pd credit?

    While the time it takes to complete micro-courses varies, we recommend to districts that three (3) of our micro-courses be counted as one hour of PD credit.

    Can we create custom content for the platform?

    We can provide you with a template to share district- or school-specific content with your teachers.  They can even earn custom badges if you wish.  Please consult with us before partnering with us if you are considering this option

    How long are subscriptions?

    Subscriptions are typically for one calendar year unless there is a special circumstance.

    What do the badges mean?

    While you will earn credit for each course you complete in our platform, you will actually be able to earn a digital badge for select micro-courses.  A badge will showcase your competency with specific Google tools, such as Classroom or YouTube.  Badged courses will be marked with a star icon at the top right hand side of the micro-course card in your course library.

    How do i become a google certified trainer?

    Obtaining your trainer’s certificate is a bit more involved than simply taking an exam, but we will walk you through it!  You will have to gather some documentation of trainings you have conducted, create a video about yourself and one G Suite tool, and take a shorter multiple-choice exam.  Then, you will complete the application and submit!

    Where can i learn more about google certifications?

  • We have a micro-course category titled “certifications”.
  • You can also learn more here.
  • Who grades the submissions?

    We have certified educators at MobileMind who provide feedback to teachers as they learn in our platform.

    Can teachers choose to subscribe on their own or do they have to be with a district/school purchase?

    At this time, we only have subscriptions available for a minimum of 25 licenses for a school/district.

    How do we add our educators to the platform?

    Your district or school PD Lead or administrator will enter all names and email addresses into a spreadsheet (provided by MobileMind), and then we will upload them into our system.

    If i am a school or district admin, how can i see how my teachers are doing?

    We have a reporting feature that is available to all district or school PD Leads or administrators. You can view which courses your teachers have completed, as well as badges earned. You can even export progress to a spreadsheet if you wish.

    Click here for instructions on how to view teacher progress.  If you don’t see your teachers, please reach out to us.  We may simply need to add you as an admin in our platform.

    What should i do if i have technical difficulties or wish to submit a support ticket?

    Please visit the question mark in the bottom left of your screen while logged into the platform in order to visit our support page.  You will find support articles here or you can click “Submit a Request” in the top right of the screen and submit a support ticket.

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