Instructional Technology

School district roles that fit the solutions below include but are not limited to:

  •  Instructional Technology Director / Coordinator
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Digital Learning Director / Coordinator
  • Personnel/HR Director
  • Instructional Media Services
  • Professional Development Director / Coordinator

The Challenge: 

As schools return to face-to-face instruction, district leaders are concerned that teachers will lose the instructional technology skills they gained throughout distance learning.

The HQ Solution:

Activity and competency-based professional development ensures that your teachers maintain their skills and gives them the confidence to deliver instruction in a traditional, hybrid, or remote classroom environment.

The Challenge: 

Between new technology in the classroom, state-mandated training, new teacher onboarding, and other PD activities, there are just too many sources and areas for learners to get their PD. That leaves instructional tech leaders maintaining all of those sources, leaving them overwhelmed and stretched too thin.

The HQ Solution:

Consolidate all of your district’s training into one modern learning hub to streamline all of your professional development efforts in MobileMind HQ.

The Challenge: 

PD is often “sit and get”, which is not asynchronous nor engaging and personalized for learners. Educators are more overwhelmed than ever and need to get the most out of their time.  

The HQ Solution:

Create and deliver activity-based micro-courses personalized to the skill level of each learner and specific to your district. Even create your own learning badges to motivate your learners to exceed their PD goals. 

Trainers and coaches, never have to repeat yourself! HQ has all of your refresher training covered for any learner that needs it when they need it. Give your teachers the ability to complete professional learning anytime, anywhere.

The Challenge: 

It's hard to track who has completed what training as well as individual learner performance.

The HQ Solution:

MobileMind HQ allows leaders to view learners' progress on courses, badges, and learning paths. Additionally, HQ provides an exclusive place to track your district's continuing education hours and compliance reporting.

The Challenge: 

Having the time and personnel to create PD is a challenge as well as having the time to support learners through professional learning.

The HQ Solution:

Micro-courses and learning paths are easy and fun to create in MobileMind HQ! Create courses from the ground up, use MobileMind templates, or simply use content already created in MobileMind learning paths. 

Stop spending so much time on learner feedback! HQ’s automated grading and variety of acceptable submission types mean less time you have to commit to feedback. 

Does your district have union or state-mandated PD time allocation? PD rich, five-minute micro-courses make the most out of required professional development hour caps.

The Challenge: 

In our ever changing world it can be challenging to pivot PD as skill requirements and circumstances change.

The HQ Solution:

Provide agile PD to your teachers and staff that can be adjusted as needed to fit the evolving requirements of your school district.

Use Cases


Create, deliver, track, and report on all compliance training, including mandated reporting, using an EpiPen, FERPA/CIPA/COPPA, employee ethics / standards, athletics, safety policies and procedures, food service and transportation training. 

Use HQ to create and deliver safety training to teachers and staff for in-person schooling when shifting from distance-learning.


Create simple screencasts for your educators to watch collaboratively or independently to ensure data team and PLC success.


Streamline training on various initiatives to make sure everyone is prepared and on the same page. Leverage HQ to create PD around topics like STEM/STEAM, project based learning, social-emotional learning, backwards design, personalized learning, and differentiation.


Competency-based learning translates to 1:1 device training. Educators can take the same relevant skills and knowledge they gained in the learning pathways into a face-to-face 1:1 device environment. 


Communicate directly with the entire district or at individual schools with announcements, PD related and otherwise, on the HQ dashboard. 


Onboard new teachers and staff members using one exclusive hub that they can go back and reference at anytime anywhere.


Stop the “sit and get” drudgery during in-service days and get the most of your teachers' time without students in the classroom with asynchronous micro-courses. 


Provide instruction best practice and curriculum training via HQ, including virtual engagement, digital citizenship, and curriculum training for all subjects.


Have one place to track all of your district’s state mandated PLUs or continuing education hours to ensure that your educators are highly qualified per your state’s Professional Standards Commission (PSC) or state DOE. 


Create learning paths to further develop a teacher’s skills in areas such as, lesson planning, classroom management, student discipline, communicating with parents, and much more.