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MobileMind for Google

Addressing all of your Google PD needs for teachers and leaders to ensure the successful integration of Google into teaching and learning.

MobileMind HQ

Allows districts to leverage the power of MobileMind for all Professional Development activities including internal content creation, customized badging, activity-based learning, and compliance reporting.

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MobileMind for Google

MobileMind HQ

Google + Distance Learning Micro-Courses

Badges and Certificates

Accessible Via Chrome Extension

Guided, Personalized Learning Within Chrome 

District and School Group Organization

Mobilemind Live Webinars

Human & Automated Feedback

Relevant Performance-Based Challenges

Administrator Access & Progress Monitoring

Differentiated Learning Pathways

Google Certified Educator Preparation & Exam Vouchers

Ability to Create & Send Announcements to Educators and Staff

Custom Micro-Course Creation in Minutes

Ability to Quickly Design Learning Paths with MobileMind Courses

Micro-Course Creation for District / School Policies and Initiatives

Custom Course and Badge Creation

Compliance Reporting on All MobileMind and District Courses

Take The Next Step To Empower Every Single Teacher With The Industry’s Only
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