School district roles that fit the solutions below include but are not limited to:

  • Director of Technology
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director of Instructional Technology
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Instructional Media Services

The Challenge: 

District technology leaders have too many tools and applications that they are left to“cobble” together or integrate.

The HQ Solution:

MobileMind HQ is a single learning hub for all of a district’s professional development activities and is accessible via the MobileMind browser extension.

The Challenge: 

Technology leaders have had a long year of extensive implementation plans for new technologies to support remote learning.

The HQ Solution:

HQ does not require a cumbersome rollout plan to deliver relevant PD to your teachers and staff. Uploading your learners is as easy as importing a .CSV file. Additionally, getting learners started in HQ is a simple process. Once learners have been imported into HQ, they will receive an email from MobileMind and are instructed to click on a link to download the browser extension. Once the download is completed, they will get instant access to your district's professional development hub.

The Challenge: 

Distance learning brought new technology and challenges to school districts, which increased help desk support needs for tech departments.

The HQ Solution:

MobileMind offers direct line support from real educators from within the platform, so there is no need to worry about your help desk's bandwidth when it comes to MobileMind.

Use Cases


Train teachers and staff on additional tech tools or even train them on how to install simple devices in their classrooms. Use HQ to train teachers on student information systems, interactive whiteboards, benchmark testing systems, and much more.


Deliver and track digital compliance or citizenship training district-wide.


Consolidate all of your district’s PD resources and activities. Tech leaders aren’t left to piece together other applications with HQ. Instead, HQ can replace other applications, even the use of an LMS for professional learning.


Do you find that your resources are constrained to help desk related activities? HQ gives your educators more confidence with technology, meaning they won’t have to contact the Tech Department for help as often.