MobileMind HQ

MobileMind HQ is a single hub for creating, managing, and reporting training and compliance activities. With MobileMind HQ, school and district leaders have the power to design professional learning paths, create custom training courses, track completion and ensure compliance.

As a group of former teachers and administrators, the MobileMind team understands the number of training and compliance initiatives that are required throughout a given year; MobileMind HQ simplifies the process.  Our goal with MobileMind HQ is to simplify the lives of our school and district partners through our innovative and intuitive technology.

Personalized Learning

Quickly create micro-courses and learning paths for your teachers, leaders, and staff!  From curriculum to compliance, you have the freedom to create a personalized learning experience to meet the needs of all roles and skill levels.

Efficient Micro-Courses

Using the MobileMind methodology, you can create quick and simple micro-courses for your teachers and staff to complete whenever and wherever they want!

Hands-on Challenges

Use various submission types to create hands-on challenges to ensure your educators and staff are engaged and can prove competency in any area!

Human Feedback

Create a quick and simple multiple choice assessment for learners and let MobileMind grade it for you, or create assessments that ask learners to submit text, images, or even links to demonstrate competency!

Badging & Gamification

Your team will have complete power to review and provide feedback on learner submissions, or award badges automatically after learners complete specific courses.  You will also be able to view leaderboards as teachers and staff progress!

Progress Reporting

Leaders can view learners’ progress on all courses, badges, and learning paths, as well as compliance reports and access reports for enhanced accountability. With MobileMind HQ, you can generate reports for all district training for all employees in one central location.

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